The DeGregorio Family Foundation (DFF) has raised
more than $3 million
to fight stomach and esophageal cancer.

Some of our achievements include:

  • $2.5 Million in Grants Awarded: DFF has awarded more than $2.5 million in research grants to fight stomach and esophageal cancer.   Grants have been awarded to top institutions including Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.


  • The catalyst for millions of additional research dollars: The grants we have funded have gone on to attract more than $7 million dollars of additional research funding.  New research papers are being published and disseminated to others in the field, encouraging supplementary and complimentary research.


  • 2016 Grant: In 2016, Dr. Ellen Beswick of the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine was awarded a grant for $215,000 to study a promising new method for reducing inflammation that can lead to stomach cancer.   H Pylori infection activates a protein known as MK2 that is the core of inflammation and the creation of tumors.  The Dr. Beswick funding will provide an examination of the interplay of the MK2 protein activation in tumor cells, fibroblasts and myeloid cells to uncover the mechanisms by which this pathway is a critical contributor to gastric cancer.


  • 2016 Grant: In 2016 Dr. William Grady, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, was awarded a grant for $180,000.  Dr. Grady is focusing on a two-year screening study aimed at identifying people at the highest risk of esophageal adenocarcinoma, the most common form of esophageal cancer.  His study will accurately determine the “biological age” – not chronological age – of esophageal tissue based on wear and tear.  The focus will be on detecting a process of chemical build up on DNA methylation, which Dr. Grady likens to “rust”.  The more “rust” found to be present, means a faster biological aging and presumably a higher risk of cancer.


  • The Eileen Dounce Fund, named for our founder’s sister, at MSKCC, has raised more than $750,000 which is entirely devoted (100%) to stomach cancer research.


  • DFF featured in media: DFF has been featured on television, including The Dr. Oz Show, and has been highlighted in publications. Our efforts to raise awareness of the need for research into stomach and esophageal cancer include attendance at conferences, health fairs, and other public events